The world is facing a big challenge with the new coronavirus. The Netherlands is also greatly affected. We can imagine you have questions about this.

  • We started this academic year on 31 August with a blended form of education. This is a combination of interactive online education and face-2-face education on campus, such as (wet) practicals and small scale interactive education. On-campus education for the first-year BSc- and MSc-students will have priority because we value their binding with Wageningen University as well as with their fellow students. When the restrictive measures are eased, we will increase our on-campus education capacity.

    Unfortunately, we can’t say what the academic year 2021/2022 will look like. Hopefully, we can use our campus to the fullest again.

  • On the website of Wageningen University & Research, you can find most frequently asked questions about how the university is dealing with the coronavirus. The website is updated daily.

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