Would you like to apply for a bachelor's? Find out what you need to know for application.

  • You can be admitted to one of our bachelor’s programmes if you have the right pre-education. You also have to meet the English language requirements. You can find more information about the entry requirements on the website or read the other questions in this FAQ.

    More about requirements at wur.nl
  • As a prospective first-year bachelor’s student you can submit a request to be enrolled for one of our bachelor’s programmes in Studielink. Please, first, check if you can be admitted to the bachelor’s programme of your choice.

    You can submit a request for registration in Studielink. In Studielink you make an account which is sent to our admission office. The admission office will contact you about the next steps (sending the right documents).

    More about application at wur.nl
  • The general admission requirements for bachelor’s programmes can be found on our website.

    More about requirements at wur.nl
  • Where are you from?
    Dutch nationals with VWO diploma: 1 August 2023
    Dutch nationals without VWO diploma: 1 July 2023
    EU/EFTA nationals: 1 July 2023
    Non-EU/non-EFTA nationals: 1 May 2023
    All applicants have to take a ‘study choice check’.

    More about application at wur.nl
  • Many programmes have additional requirements for your prior education. For instance, they may require Mathematics, Chemistry, and/or Physics at pre-university (vwo) level. If you do not meet these admission requirements, you must demonstrate that you possess sufficient knowledge of the missing subjects in order to get admitted to the bachelor’s.

    You can demonstrate your knowledge in different ways:
    • Obtain partial vwo certificates, for example via adult education (VAVO);
    • Take a specific subject examination at the CCVX (central pre-examination committee);
    • Take admissions exams (vwo) at Boswell-Bèta in Utrecht;
    We only accept vwo certificates with a sufficient score (at least 5.5 out of 10).

    More about requirements at wur.nl
  • The procedure for application for bachelor’s programmes is:
    1. Check if you can be admitted (admission requirements)
    2. Check the tuition fee
    3. Check your application deadline
    4. Apply via Studielink
    5. Fill in the study choice check
    6. Complete application
    7. Payment tuition fee

    More about application at wur.nl
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