Rhine river

Wageningen surroundings

Wageningen is surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings. You can relax on the riverbanks of the Rhine river while enjoying the view. It's only five minutes by bike from the city center to the Rhine.

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  • Wageningen is a real student city: Within fifteen minutes by bike, you can explore everything. With it’s large international student community it is a real student city.

    With it’s student houses, bookstores, supermarkets, cinemas, and cosy restaurants and bars, the city has a true and international student ambiance. A pleasantly crowded city centre greets you as you walk through the city. On top of that, Wageningen is close to nature; the Rhine’s floodplains, meadows, heaths and forests are all very close by.

    More information about the an active student life can be found on this page. And also check out the student life on WURtube.

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