Student housing

Hoevestein is one of the four star-flats on the northside of Wageningen. The campus is within walking distance. The Sports Centre De Bongerd is adjacent to Hoevestein and the city center is a 10-minute bike ride away.

Do you have a question?

  • First of all, subscribe to ROOM.nl as soon as possible. That’s because the earlier you register, the more chances you have to find a room before arrival. Then you will be added to a ranking list where you can view the various offers Idealis has. Your ranking in that list is dependent on a couple of factors: registration date and distance priority.

    It is very important that you pay your tuition fee on time!. Only after you paid your tuition fee, you can apply for a room with priority based on your home address.

    More about housing at wur.nl
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