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At Campus Plaza you will find student rooms of student accommodation provider DUWO. The rooms are self-contained studio's which means you have your own bathroom. There are also furnished rooms available. Besides student housing, it hosts also a range of campus facilities.

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  • A student room costs between €300 and €500 a month, depending on the room. You can check the student housing page for more information.

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  • There’s a wide mix of different rooms available, anything from self-contained to sharing your kitchen and bathroom(s) with up to 16 people. Although corridors with 6 people are the  most common. You can also go for furnished or unfurnished rooms. An unfurnished room does not come with any furniture, so you have to buy a bed, mattress, table or desk, chair(s), and kitchen supplies.

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  • Wageningen Campus is one of the most sustainable knowledge campuses in the world and has everything for great student time.

    The 10,000 students from more than 100 countries who study here will find high-quality teaching facilities with high-tech laboratories, inspiring teachers and a huge library. The campus also has plenty to offer in terms of relaxation.

    What makes the Wageningen University & Research campus unique:

    – State of the art education and facilities: nationally and internationally renowned education matched with high tech facilities
    – Cosy and big at the same time: with its state of the art facilities and international flair. Moreover, the campus is big, but because everything is close together, you quickly know your way around and make friends with people from all over the world.
    – Everything within reach: on the campus, the educational buildings are close together, with lots of greenery and cosiness. It’s just a nice place to study and spend time.
    – Centrally located: easily accessible from all corners of the Netherlands.

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